16 4 / 2013

If you have hate in your heart and we missed you, let us know and we’ll gladly add you to the list, if you don’t know how to get in touch with us, then we have no idea how you found this tumblr and that’s pretty cool

Matt Rothstein

Nick Gratto

Robbie Fitzgerald (“If you climb that, I’ll climb Everest”)

Daily Tar Heel

Marshall Finkelstein

Michael Patton

Matt Laurino

Brennan Carpenter

Jack Stutesman (Minor Hater) -> UPDATE: 3/6/13 1:58 PM- (Huge Hater)

Anyone who didn’t start from the bottom

Girl at Kesem Meeting (Jenna Gorlick)

Eric Zwilling

Harris Tils

Matt Weiss

Brandon Lewis

Jeff Goettel

NOT future employers

Ryan Kelly

North Street Mob (Assumed)

Sarah Bell (LFIT Professor who gave Scott an A- and Ben an A)

Chipotle Employee who refused to serve Ben a Quesorito

Harrison Pate

Scott’s Dad

Scott’s Mom

Scott’s Sister

Tucker Morgan



Cosmo the Cocksucker

Jamie Matos (Limelight Hater, actually Top 5 fan)

Yifan Zhu

Stu Smith (Scott Hater ONLY)

Stu’s Pussy Davidson Friends

Trey Perry

Bryan Joachim

Josie Hollingsworth

Lyle Baumgarten

Natalie Malikyan

Karina Condez

Kate Eastman