25 3 / 2013


(sorry you had to be a part of this pj, this has nothing to do with you)

Because the DTH is probably not going to post our letter to the editor, this is what we wrote to them. we are as disappointed as y’all, but there are some big things that we are waiting to confirm that we will update you on as soon as possible. 

read below

"To Fans of Justice,

We write you sadder men than we woke up this morning. Today, we were withheld our most fundamental rights, to be in the DTH when we do something awesome. On Tuesday, March 19th, we were approached by this communist publication for an interview about our journey, a thinly veiled attempt by the paper to piggyback on our fame. (69 word mark). As we bid the interviewer adieu, we were told the story could be run without our last names (so that we can continue to say what we want online without fear of future consequence). After answering every question in an honest and professional manner, we were asked to attend a photo shoot later in the week. At the photo shoot, we were treated like toddlers in tiaras, asked to pose and smile for the camera for hours without any offerings of so much as a bathroom break. On March 24th, we were notified that our article would run the next day, it did not. We contacted a staff member only to learn our article was being withheld until we released our full names and social security numbers. We will not be bullied; we will not be controlled by the liberal media (FRAT!). For our fans disappointed by this development, we apologize, and we have more articles coming on other websites this week. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, Daily Tar Heel, it won’t last.”

thats the last serious thing we’ll ever post


ben and scott